Kobe-dunks-1The KOBE TWO was the second installment of the space shoes; they released in 2001.This time, the shoes weren’t as sleek or as stylish as the previous pair of Kobes. If you’re a Lakers fan, you may have already known Kobe would go on and continue winning championships but he wouldn’t do so in the KOBE TWO. He disliked the comfort of the shoe and opted to rock the original KOBE for the finals. He collected ring number two by winning in a second consecutive year.

The most memorable moment in the KOBE TWO was when Kobe donned the shoes with an American flag print. They were designed to honor the victims of 9/11. These would be the last pair of Kobe adidas shoes. Many fans still blame the KOBE TWO as the reason Kobe left adidas for Nike.


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  • Graphite
  • White/Cadmium/Eggplant
  • White/Graphite/Lead
  • Silver/Black
  • Red/White/Blue

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