Kobe 9 Colorway: Nike to Release an Air Jordan 3 Inspired Edition

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At the Nike Vault after a loss to the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant came in to meet with six of the eight designers of his Kobe Prelude Pack. Apparently, Kobe has never actually seen any of the shoes in person, so meeting the designers along with seeing the shoes for the first time put the Black Mamba in a pretty good mood for the Q&A session.

In the Q&A, Kobe talked a lot about how he has gotten to a certain level of success because he has been able to find a lot of muses in his life to find what makes them successful and also what was the common denominator that made them all great. Picture the successful people featured in the Kobe System commercials and you’ll get a taste of what he’s talking about. From there, he said the Kobe 9 was a chance for him to pay homage to those who he drew inspiration from.

–== Complete Line of Kobe Shoes ==–

When asked by the host, Jacques Slade aka @Kustoo what to expect for the upcoming colorways, Kobe hesitated, not knowing if he was allowed to tell, but with a “all hell . . . .it’s my shoe, I can do whatever I want,” he let the small crowd of invited media and special guests know that one of the upcoming colorways is inspired by his all time favorite pair of Jordans – the Air Jordan IIIs – which special emphasis on the elephant print.

When asked what were his favorite shoes growing up, Kobe easily responded “It was always Jordans!”

Along with Jordan, Kobe mentioned a tribute to Michael Jackson and a special 3/4 cut of the Kobe 9.

Combining the popularity of the Kobe 9s from this past weekends quick sell-outs and the known inspiration of the Air Jordan IIIs, these upcoming Kobe 9 Threes (that’s what I’m calling it right now) are bound to set some records amongst re-sellers, but for sure will be a great addition for the kicksologists who were lucky enough to see both Jordan and Kobe play.