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Kobe 9 Elite Perspective Colorway Next To Be Released

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Nike is set to release yet another colorway of the Kobe 9 Elite and once again expect them to be hard to find. For most sneaker heads retro kicks are what they covet the most, but Nike’s promotional campaign has done an excellent job of creating enormous hype for this shoe. Last week, Nike had an event on Saturday at the Westfield Culver City Mall for the release of the Inspiration colorway.

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The Perspective colorway is by far one of the brighter colorways that Nike has unveiled. Most of the shoe is covered by turquoise, which really makes this colorway stand out. There is quite a bit of volt sprinkled around the shoe, including the iconic Nike swoosh. The midsole and heel are black, but most of the shoe is either turquoise or a variation of a blue-green color. This colorway was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s blue period from 1901 to 1904.

The Perspective colorway will be available on Saturday March 8th and will retail for $225.


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