Nike Kobe 9 EM Avaialble for NIKE iD

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It’s official; the Kobe 9s are available to be customized on NIKE iD. Even though the first pair of Kobe 9 EMs released on March 29, Nike is quick to allow fans to personalize their shoes to their liking.

The shoes are retailing for $205 with a 30 day delivery time. NIKE iD’s delivery date is comprised of the time to make the shoes plus shipping time.

There are new features which allow the midsole and outsole shank to glow in the dark. Usually we’re accustomed to the glow soles. The there are 5 types of outsoles; solid, translucent, glow in the dark, XDR Outdoor, and Multi (color) which includes 4 patterns.

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The EMs large heel allows customizers the ability to add a short iD, long iD, or even both. The short iD will allow two characters which is perfect for a favorite number, as the long iD will let allow users 8 characters per shoe for nicknames. The classic nine stitch lines are also accessible.

From NIKEiD’s description of the Kobe 9 EMs:

The Kobe 9 EM iD Men’s Basketball Shoe provides 360 degrees of breathability with an engineered mesh upper, plus responsive cushioning and exceptional traction for a quick first step. It’s now customizable with new graphics, glow options and midsole looks.

As of now, only the Engineered Mesh (EM) lows are in stock. There is still no word on when the Elite high tops will be an option to customize.

Feel free to create some masterpieces and share with us on Twitter @Kicksologists.

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