Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Release Information

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The Nike SB Air Jordan 1 is a clash of two worlds; basketball and skateboarding. The second edition of the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 collaboration has been introduced to the world. The mismatch pair will come in its two most popular colorways, red and royal blue. There are two sets of this shoe as one is black based and the other is white based.

Here is Nike on its acknowledgement of skaters wearing Air Jordans:

Just as skaters had always managed to repurpose the world around them — turning neglected pools into paradise, vast pipes into destinations for sessions and tackling anti-skate measures as part of a terrain to conquer — a basketball shoe became the skater’s choice. Its high ankle coverage, padding, Nike Air technology and durable premium leather made coping with big landings and grip tape an afterthought.

Southern California native and professional skateboarder Lance Mountain is the brains behind the project. He brings his skater lifestyle and beliefs and throws them on the Air Jordan 1 as if it’s his canvas. The shoes are made to wear away and to reveal its true colors underneath. It can be described as a “dirty paint” look. The shoes will come with a special “Paint shoes not walls” insole.

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The shoes will be available for purchase through at 8:00 AM EDT and at selected Nike SB retailers. Be sure to check with your local skate shop to see if they will have these in their inventory.

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1
Price: $150
Release Date: 6/7/2014

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