Information on BAIT x ASICS Gel Lyte III Basics Model

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Move over Ronnie Fieg, we have more awesome Asics collaborations on the way. As we can tell with pre-release hype and the inflated resale prices, the sneaker community is in awe with the runners. Diamond Bar based boutique: Bait is known for its collaborations and they’ve gone to work with Asics in creating three Gel Lyte III colorways.

Bait x Asics Gel Lyte III Model-001 “Vanquish”
The “Vanquish” are a unique but simple blend. It features a light green camouflage infused with a jet black suede frame. Throw in a white midsole, red outsole, and hints of gold and these shoes are ready to go.

Bait x Asics Gel Lyte III Model-002 “Guardian”
The body of the Gel Lyte features a reinforced metal wire mesh with a camouflage print underneath. This pair is different as it will feature a 3M hexagon print. 3M will give the shoes a reflective look when light hits the material. The orange outsole complements the navy blue accents as it mixes well with the light brown frame.

Bait x Asics Gel Lyte III Model-003 “Nippon Blues”
This pair has had the most attention from the pack. Looking great for spring, the navy blue based upper comes with a complementing red. Rather than infusing a camouflage print, these have a white speckle which resembles a little snowflake.

Additional Information from Bait:

The “Vanquish” will come with a pair of BAIT Vanquish camo socks. The “Guardian” will come with dog tags. The “Nippon Blues” will come with a limited-edition pair of matching socks. The complete bundle will include all three bonuses.

In order for you to have a chance at purchasing the runners, you’re going to need to register on their website for a User Account Email first. After that, you may enter the online raffle. Each pair will retail for $150 USD or if there’s extra cash lying around, you can enter to attempt to win all three models for $450 USD.

For each individual shoe, the winners will be emailed from Tuesday, 04/29/14 to Thursday, 05/01/14.
As for the bundle, winners will be emailed between Wednesday, 04/23/14 to Friday, 04/25/14.

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