Robert Griffin III Debuts Adidas RGIII Trainer

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Adidas tends to spend a lot of money for their athletes, they do that to overcompensate their roster for the strength that Nike has for inking deals with athletes. However, that is no problem since they landed a deal with one of the most hyped up quarterbacks to ever enter the league, Rober Griffin III.

Today we have a photo of Griffin, one of the biggest names on the Adidas roster and the NFL, finally debuting a first official on foot appearance of his own sneaker. Like all football players like Bo Jackson to Michael Vick to Darrelle Revis he’s finally gotten his own trainers, but this time it’s an Adidas trainer.

The picture debuting the trainer doesn’t provide much close details of the trainer but stick with us for further information on the trainer. Are you guys fans of RGIII and how do you feel about him having an Adidas trainer coming out?

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