Earned Not Given: Nike Unveils LeBron 11 2K14 Shoes

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LeBron’s motto of “Earned Not Given” will now apply to the avid video gamers. Usually, in 2K basketball games, you complete specific tasks to unlock shoes for your virtual player to wear. Nike has unveiled the first ever physical shoe earned through gameplay: the LeBron 11 “2k14”. You won’t be able to call your hook ups or look for these in stores.

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For those who don’t know the back story, after LeBron James and the Heat had repeated as NBA Champions; the makers of 2K Sports had decided to honor LeBron as the cover athlete. Nike and 2K Sports found a golden opportunity to promote the game while adding a little mystery. For those who completed the milestones, the shoes were available for purchase at $220 USD. To make the shoes even more of a rarity, they are limited to only 2,014 pairs. The shoes easily live up to LeBron’s moniker of “King”

From Nike’s Release Statement:

In order to unlock the shoe, NBA2K14 gamers had to reach several milestones during their in-game journey that included winning 60 games and creating a signature shoe in the Nike Innovation Kitchen within the game. Reaching the milestones took approximately 80 hours.

Driven by performance innovation and inspired by a lion, the LEBRON 11 2K14 features a jungle cat print throughout with a deep red upper symbolizing the heart of a lion. The LEBRON 11 is the lightest and lowest LeBron signature shoe ever, weighing approximately 14.5 ounces in a men’s size 9.

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