Release Reminder: Nike Kobe 9 EM Philippines

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Last year, the Kobe 8 made heads turn with its four colorways in the “Philippines Pack”. This year’s “Philippines” colorway does not disappoint. The colorway is designed to mirror the nation’s love for the game. Half Filipino graphic designer, Erick Goto got the nod to be the designer for this shoe.

From a quick perspective, the shoes feature a jumble of red, blue, purple, and hints of yellow. In the mixture of colors, there are graphics and prints. The “Philippines” definitely gives off a Southeast Asian feel. One of the prints that stands out is the woven like mixture of yellow, blue and red. This is suppose to represent the “Banig” which is the handmade mats the Filipinos would sleep on.

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The Jeepney is the most popular mode of transportation in the Philippines. Goto gives the machine a head nod as he added chrome accents to represent them. Another great detail is the overlay on top of the red mesh; there lies a navy blue 24 in a block font.

These will also feature a translucent sole compared to the previous releases which contained a solid color (grey, black, white) sole. The translucent sole show off “Tsinelas”. For those who don’t know “Tsinelas” are better known as flip flops! It’s a known fact that many people cannot afford basketball shoes so they would play barefoot or in flip flops.

Heads up, the next colorway of the Kobe 9 EM (Engineered Mesh) will release tomorrow Friday May 23, 2014! This is a premium pair hence the $180 USD price tag. The only sure bet on which store that will receive the Kobe 9 “Phillipines” is NikeStore. Prepare for a 8 A.M. EDT release from a twitter link drop.

Kobe 9 EM “Philippines”
Release Date: Friday May 23,2014 8AM EDT.
Price: $180 USD

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