Release Reminder: KD 6 Night Vision

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Night vision is the ability to be able to see well in low lit lighting conditions. So being able to play ball whenever and wherever would be no problem if you had night vision ability. Kevin Durant would have even more time to put in the work if he was able to play in the dark and become even greater than he is.

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Well let’s be real now, since night vision is unattainable for humans, here’s the next best thing for KD. Nike has linked up and did a “Night Vision” inspired sneaker for him on his KD 6 model. Nike did a black sleek leather upper body to mimic the darkness in dim lighting settings, note that you can still see the Flywire on the body still. The rest of the shoe is accented in Light Lucid Green to give the illusion of night vision because green is the most visible color of the spectrum. The rest of the shoe has Atomic Mango hits on the bubble, part of the bottom sole laces and on the tongue. The most notable feature on the shoe is the static print on the Swoosh and the KD logo.

All of this embodies night vision, an attribute that would enhance a human’s abilities. Well, though these KD 6 “Night Vision” sneakers won’t be able to help you with those super human abilities it will enhance your sneaker repertoire on court. You can cop these tomorrow Saturday, May 24 on

LAUNCH: SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014 – 8:00 AM EDT
Black/Metallic-Clear-Light Lucid Green-Atomic Mango

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