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First Impression: Nike Zoom Crusader

There were two sneakers that I was excited for in the beginning of the NBA season (other than Kobe’s), the Nike Zoom HyperRev and James Harden’s Nike Zoom Crusaders.  I visited my local outlet and with a little luck, was able to cop a pair of Crusaders for a steal.  Since then, I been wearing them almost everyday trying to break them in, and damn do they feel good.

Upon initial try-on the fit was amazing.  The sneaker is as low-cut as any other shoe, if not lower.  Not much of a big deal for me as the lacing system keeps your heel locked in.  I do have a concern however on the materials as it isn’t as rigid and sturdy as you want it to be for basketball movements.  I still yet to hoop in them so that remains to be seen.  Cushioning is the standard Nike Zoom set-up in the forefoot and heel.  This surprised me due to the fact that you get heel zoom when usually it’s just phylon.  Not only is the shoe only priced at $110, but it feels amazing.  Once broken in, it felt amazing.  It felt just like the Zoom Kobe… i’ll stop it here.

Can’t give it all away now so check out my video above for the rest of my thoughts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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