Complete History of the Kobe II

Nike Kobe II

The Kobe 2 is the Bryant’s second shoe released in the Nike Air Zoom Collection and was released in 2006. Compared to the Kobe 1, this shoe had fixed a lot of the downsides that it had, including the weight and bulkiness of the shoe itself. The Kobe 2 had a sleeker look to it, and was a high top shoe that came with a strap, giving any consumer extra ankle support. The shoe’s toe box was also modified and changed to accommodate Kobe better and his consumers on the court. The shoe was also given flex grooves too add to the flexibility of the shoe. This was the first time that a shoe had featured the flex groove technology and added to the comfort of the shoe. Overall the shoe was a great basketball shoe, and allowed players to experience comfort and better control on the court.

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In the 2006-2007 NBA season, Bryant was in the prime of his career, carrying his team throughout the whole season. During this season, Bryant averaged 31.6 points, 5.4 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. Bryant was on a scoring frenzy, putting up big numbers in mostly every game he played during the regular season. With all of Bryant’s effort, he was able to carry the Lakers to the NBA playoffs once again.

In the 2007 Playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers went up against a very good Phoenix Suns team, led by Steve Nash. Although it was impossible to stop Bryant’s scoring performances in each playoff game, the Suns had a better overall team, which led them to beat the Lakers in Game 5.

Although the Laker’s season came to an end, it was obvious that Bryant was going to train harder to get over the hump and win another NBA championship in the near future. It was only a matter of time until the Lakers would triumph once again, with the addition of many new faces in LA


  1. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Black Varsity Maize
  2. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Wolf Grey/Gold
  3. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Black-White/Purple
  4. Nike Zoom Kobe II- White-Yellow/Purple
  5. Nike Zoom Kobe II- White-White/Silver
  6. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Black-Purple
  7. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Navy Blue/Red/White
  8. Nike Zoom Kobe II- Black-Red/White

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