Complete History of the Jordan X

Air Jordan X

The Air Jordan 10 is one of Michael Jordan’s most famous shoe in his collection and was released in 1995. The Air Jordan 10 was the first shoe that featured Jordan’s merits and accomplishments in the league. On the bottom of the shoe, it gives a year-by-year summary of each award that Jordan was given. Not only was the shoe made to commemorate his awards but also was a great basketball shoe. It was the first Air Jordan shoe in the collection to have a lightweight midsole. The shoe also has a high top frame to shield players from ankle injury and is also a light but very comfortable shoe.

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In the 1995-1996 NBA season, Michael Jordan was coming off his return to the NBA after pursuing a baseball career. During this season, Jordan was back to his vintage self and led his team once again. Thanks to the addition to Dennis Rodman and Jordan, the Bulls took control of the Eastern Conference, starting off the season 41-3.

As the second half of the season continued, the Bulls continued on a path of victory, finishing off the season 72-10; the best regular season record in the NBA’s history. During this whole season, Jordan averaged 30.5 points per game.

In the NBA Playoffs, there was nobody that could stop the Bulls. The Bulls only lost 3 games during the playoffs, and cruised their way to the NBA Championship where they faced the Seattle Supersonics. The Bulls did not have much of a struggle against the Supersonics either. The Bulls went on to win the NBA title and Jordan was named the Finals MVP.


  1. Air Jordan X- Black/grey
  2. Air Jordan X- All-Black
  3. Air Jordan X- Off-white/black/varsity red
  4. Air Jordan X- Powder Blue
  5. Air Jordan X- Orlando Magic
  6. Air Jordan X- New York Knicks
  7. Air Jordan X- Seattle Supersonics
  8. Air Jordan X- Sacramento Kings
  9. Air Jordan X- Chicago Bulls
  10. Air Jordan X- Steel
  11. Air Jordan X- Shadows
  12. Air Jordan X- Charlotte
  13. Air Jordan X- Linen
  14. Air Jordan X- Ice Blue
  15. Air Jordan X- Countdown Pack
  16. Air Jordan X- Old Royal
  17. Air Jordan X- Doernbecher
  18. Air Jordan X- Bobcats
  19. Air Jordan X- Cool Grey/Infared
  20. Air Jordan X- Venom

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