Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart Join The Adidas Family

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1,3,5,6? Well aren’t these just the magic numbers? Adidas now has in their hands 4 out of the top 10 draft picks of this year’s NBA draft. The first ones to sign to Adidas are Dante Exum and Andrew Wiggins. However, the other two were soon to follow. Today, lottery picks Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart were reported to have joined the awesome roster of the Adidas Brand.

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Jeff Goodman of ESPN finally brought in the numbers for the Wiggins contract which he will earn $2M per year over the next four years. His Kansas teammate Embiid will get $1.5M and Smart will receive $1.2M over the course of the next four years as well. Marcus Smart was used to wearing Nike on the court while playing for Oklahoma State, hopefully that won’t be a big transition for him. Embiid is no stranger to the company, he was rocking a lot of “Droses” while playing for the Jayhawks at Kansas, so he’s been endorsing them for a minute now.

It’s going to be an interesting next couple of years for Adidas with so many fresh faces. What kind of new technology and intricate designs can we see from the company? Who knows with recently added roster members and music artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams Adidas can take their company to a whole new plateau of success. With celebrity status like that, they could definitely continually entice more people to join with the Adidas family.

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