UPDATE: Kevin Durant Receives Monster Contract Offer

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Kevin Durant was drafted second overall in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. Just before entering the league, he signed a 7 year $60 million endorsement deal with Nike. While Durant’s contract had ended last week, he had a meeting scheduled at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon to possibly renew his contract. Unfortunately for Nike, KD did not make the trip and cancelled on them.

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This may be great news for Under Armour as they have been pushing hard for the 4 time NBA scoring champion. Under Armour looks to add Durant to their already endorsed line up of Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker, and a few other NBA guards. Under Armour can find itself very popular with the new generation of ballers as KD and Curry are common favorite players. Last season, Stephen Curry left Nike to join Under Armour.

As we know KD always shows love for his family and home state of Maryland. It most definitely doesn’t hurt Under Armour that they are based in Maryland. The most important component of this deal will probably be the money. According to NBC Sports, KD can pocket an astonishing $30 million annually if he signs:

Currently nobody knows if Nike was willing to match or exceed Under Armour’s offer but all signs point to KD going home to the Maryland based company. If KD does leave, one thing is for certain; the followers will come in a large herd to Under Armour. With KD and Curry leading the charge for Team USA, Under Armour will also have a huge presence internationally.


It has been reported that KD originally signed with Nike over adidas because he grew up wearing Nike and it was a brand he trusted and was comfortable with. According to Yannis Koutroupis, he has reported that Under Armour is willing to offer over $320 million to the reigning MVP.

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