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Nothing beats buying a fresh pair of new kicks until… you get them dirty. There are tons of ways to clean your kicks using domestic products or just the simple hot water and toothbrush trick. Recently however, a lot of shoe cleaning products are getting big in the market such as Jason Markk, Reshoevn8er, Magic Clean Eraser or  Mr. Clean sponges just to name a few. Recently, I managed to get my hands on the highly regarded Jason Markk product and put the shoe cleaner to work on some Roshes.

When you first buy the product, it comes in a neat package containing the Jason Markk Shoe cleaning liquid and a brush. The liquid can clean up to 100 pairs of shoes and the package is priced at $16 in the US, £16 in England and €20 if you’re in Europe so definitely very affordable. The package is easily transportable and convenient to pack so you can take it everywhere with you and keep your shoes looking fresh during your travels.

Using Jason Markk was really simple. You do need a few things beside you when cleaning such as an old rag to wipe the shoe clean, a bowl of water to dip the brush in and of course the Jason Markk product. To start off, you just need to apply a few drops of the Jason Markk on the brush then dip the brush in the bowl of water… then get scrubbing! Almost immediately the shoe should start foaming and you can immediately see dirt coming off. The great thing about the Jason Markk liquid is that is can be applied on all materials and will do the job at cleaning plus it smells great as well, leaving your shoes looking brand new! One tip though if you are cleaning suede, it is recommended you use a softer more delicate brush not to ruin the material since the brush it comes with is quite tough.

Of course depending on how dirty your shoe is, it is up to you to decide on how much of the Jason Markk to use and how many times you want to get scrubbing but guaranteed your shoes will look pristine condition afterwards. Overall, this is a fantastic product and at it’s price point, you really can’t go wrong!

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