Photos of Possible Nike KD7 Pegasus Colorway

The Nike KD 7 has been on a roll of late with the KD7 Black Suede colorway breaking necks in the past few weeks. Another rumored colorway looks to have a winged straped that is complimented with pink and gold on a white base.

With Nike’s affinity towards greek mythology, my first thoughts could be a “Pegasus” theme, as the etymology of Pegasus relates to a weather god represented by lightning and thunder. The legend goes that wherever this winged horse would step foot, a point of inspiration would come through and to make this story even better, Pegasus is also the holder of the mighty Zeus’ thunderbolts!

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It’s Monday and my caffeine is kicking in real good right now. Let us know what you think the colorway could be.

Nike KD 7 Winged Strap Pegasus
image via IG @yea_rell

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