Nike Air Mag Release Date Speculation Starts for 2015

As 2015 begins, all that is on the mind of sneakerheads is the release of the holy grail of sneakers – the Air Mag. We’re not talking about the one released a few years ago. We’re talking about the ones that Tinker Hatfield HIMSELF, said will have the power laces. For those who have been living in caves since 1985, here’s the debut of the Mags in Back to the Future 2.

The question for sure is when will the Mags be released to the general public. With a release that would kill the numbers we saw with the Legend Blue released last month, Nike is going to have to find the sweet spot of the year where most people will have money to burn for these kicks.

. . . . or do they?

Nike Mag Release Date Oct 2015


For those of you who remember the movie, Marty was sent to the future by Doc Brown and on the day he arrived, he was given the Air Mags. The date on this screen shot says October 21, 2015 which would line up to be on a Wednesday later this year.

Be careful of a bunch of sites saying other dates! There’s been a bunch of hoaxes on the date, but I just watched the movie and I’m guaranteeing you that this is the date in the movie.




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