Nike Introduces Nike SNKRS App

Today Nike introduces the world to its Nike SNKRS App. It’s a one stop destination for all your Nike sneaker needs. With the app you can try and get all your favorite Nike sneaker releases anywhere with your mobile devices. Some notable features on this app is that you can customize your feed and follow the sneakers that you only like. Nike even provides history lessons on your favorite designs with exclusive content from the designers themselves. The Nike SNKRS app will also have set notifications for upcoming releases and status updates on your

We can only hope for no down times on the servers during releases and high security protection against bots. Sorry Android users, like many apps iOS users always gets first dibs at the awesome apps. However, even for iOS users you have to apply and wait in line like the rest of us for the access code to use the app. Also, as of now it is a regional release for the app only for the citizens of NYC so the rest of the world has to wait.




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