Russell Westbrook Confirmed To Get Jordan Signature Shoe


It seems as of late, every budding NBA star is getting their own signature sneaker line from Stephen Curry with Under Armour to Damian Lillard with Adidas to Kyrie Irving with Nike. Jordan Brand has many great players on their roster, why not give one of them their own signature shoe and get in the ring with the other stars? Well they will.

It has been rumored for months now but, Russell Westbrook has finally confirmed in a Wall Street Journal interview that he will indeed receive his own signature line. When posed with the question Westbrook answers:

“Yes, Yes. I uhmm I actually have a signature shoe coming out in June”.

In the rest of the interview, he goes on being asked about fashion and how he felt after his first All-Star selection. There are no other information in regards to his sneaker yet but June will quickly approach us. Stay tuned with us here at Kicksologists as the unfolding of Russell Westbrook’s signature sneaker will be coming and we will keep you informed.


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