Could Your Future NikeID Kicks Be Created Through Virtual Reality?

When we think virtual reality, we think of futuristic video games, crazy technology, or space movies. Nike could be bringing us technology that will allow us to be at Nike Stores and virtually design and customize our own sneakers. A patent for such technology was awarded to Nike on February 3. Nike is no stranger to the tech world, as they have worked with Apple before and have also produced new technology like the Nike+ FuelBand. Nike is also under pressure with fans to produce the highly anticipated auto lacing technology we are all hoping to see sometime this year on the 2015 Nike Air Mags.


The possibilities are limitless if such technology comes into fruition as you can personally do your own Bespoke IDs. Very much if you’re one of the selected few that get to experience the Bespoke program , the technology can go from anywhere from allowing you to see all sorts of colors to even going as far as letting you feel and see the materials virtually before putting them on a sneaker.


Though Nike has received the patent, this of course is all speculation. The technology may never even reach the consumers’ hands. The virtual reality technology can just be made for Nike’s designers. Only time will tell but stay tuned with us here at Kicksologists because of course we will bringing you the latest updates on this here possible NikeID technology.

Source: Quartz

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