Collaborator Bio: Hiroshi Fujiwara | Fragment Design

This marks the first installment of our latest series, Sneaker Collaborators and their biography. Fragment Design is a Japanese street-wear company created by none other than Hiroshi Fujiwara, a worldwide influence to many in the streetwear fashion culture. Fujiwara as been dubbed as the “Godfather” of Harajuku fashion and the mentor of Nigo from Bape, who has shocked the culture in the fashion world too. Now when we think of Harajuku fashion, we think of crazy hair colors and plastic toys on every part of your outfit, but that’s only because that’s what it has transformed over to through the course of the years, but basically it means the type of street wear is popular that the people in Harajuku are wearing. Fujiwara had come to America and was influenced by the Hip Hop culture and started the hype over in Japan.

As a pioneer of a streetwear culture, he has major clout when it comes to collaborations and can work with almost anyone he chooses. Hiroshi Fujiwara was probably one of the first to start doing limited edition runs of items when it came to the streetwear cultured items. With Fragment Design’s signature two thunderbolt stamp, Fujiwara has been able to have a hand that touched projects of many world renown brands like Original Fake, Beats by Dre, Clarks and probably the most famous one of the list Nike, but of course the list goes on. Just know that this man has been in creative processes of creating iPhone cases, headphones, toys, apparel, jewelry and carrying accessories. however the most popular collaborations that he is most known for is indeed his shoe collaborations.                 MHNU2-feature



His footwear collaborations have mainly been with Nike, but he has worked on collections with Clarks and Cole Haan. Fujiwara is even 1 of the 3 masterminds behind Nike’s HTM brand, which consists of him, Nike CEO Mark Parker and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield that dabble in developing new innovations and designs. The resume Fujiwara possesses is the envy of all designers everywhere. Here’s a list of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s sneaker collaborations that he has done so far it ranges from tennis classics to Jordans.

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