Rare Jordan and Nike Samples | A Kicksologist’s Dream Lot For Sale

As a sneakerhead, we dream of finding sweet deals so that we can cop for the low. Sometimes the deals come in a bulk purchase and generally that entails taking in a few sneakers in a lot that you may not necessarily want. However, this is not the case in two ways because 1, you might not necessarily get the cheap deal you were looking for and 2, this is essentially everything collectors want so chances are there won’t be any pairs that you’re willing to part with if  you are able to buy the lot.

eBay seller, duecepalms has posted one of the greatest lots of sneakers in history. The seller has posted up a 26 pair sneaker lot filled with grails and rare samples. In the lot there are rare samples such as the Jordan “UNDFTD” 4’s and even rarer “Laser Eminem” 4’s. There are also sample versions of actual released shoes such as the Jordan “Flint” 7’s, Jordan “Mist” 4’s and Jordan “Playoff” 13’s just to name a few.


Right now the bid on the lot is currently sitting at $35,200 with about a week to go. The high price isn’t the only stipulation you have to get through in order to get this lot. All sneakers are in sizes 9-9.5 and the seller will only meetup for this transaction out in Los Angeles, California. If you have the funds you must try and cop these as some of the most rarest sneakers are all already gathered up into one package for you. Though prices are steep it’ll definitely save a ton of time to hunt a lot of these down.


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