Nike Air Foamposite Gone Fishing

As of late Nike has slowed downed immensely on the releases of Foamposites. In the past, they were just releasing insane colorways which sat on shelves for many months. The last couple of color ways however, have sold well and the fans seem to really like them. These include the All Star “Chromposites”, the “Metallic Gold” and even the incredibly detailed “Tianjin” that was only released overseas.

If you’re in the NBA your season has to end sometime. TNT coined the term “Gone Fishing”  for those players who will have nothing to do after they’ve been eliminated from the post-season. When you have all the time in the world and there is nothing else to do, fishing is the logical option. Well Nike has created the concept of taking off season fishing trips for players and applying them to the Nike Air Foamposite “Gone Fishing”.

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The “Gone Fishing” Foamposites features a mermaid-like scale effect followed with black and red accents. The clear translucent soles represent the chilly waters in which the fish dwell in. The insole has a printed “Gone Fishing” sign. The heel replaces the Penny logo with the skeleton of a fish carcass. These are slated to release sometime in June, however the specifics are still unknown. Stay with us here at Kicksologists to stay updated with these releases because they might just be the big catch you’ve been looking for as they are said to be only 8000 pairs released.

Pics Via: @Shoulee81 


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