J. J. Watt of The Houston Texans Jumps Into a Reebok Shoe Deal

J.J. Watt took it to Twitter just this morning to take a leap of faith and announce his sneaker deal with Reebok. He does an incredible 61″ or 5’1″ box jump. In celebration, he points down to his sneakers and emphatically says, “It must have been the shoes baby”. The sneakers he pointed and pumped air into at the end are the Reebok ZPump Fusion runners, thus taking it into dramatic fashion to announce the shoe deal. Reebok will not be able to label their brand on the on-field shoes Watt wears because of the current deal Nike has with the NFL, however off-field Watt will be wearing all the classics and pumps he wants. A big congratulations are in order to J. J. Watt on the sneaker deal.

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