Nike Nearing Deal to Become NBA’s Next Official Uniform

If you were a basketball fan who grew up in the 90’s basically everything you knew about the uniforms and apparel was Nike this and Nike that. The legendary Swoosh was branded on everything basketball related whether you were watching games on television where sponsorships and Nike commercials were bombarded everywhere. However, back in the 90’s there was no contract with NBA to be the official sponsor for jerseys and apparel. Nike, Starter, and Champion were making them. It wasn’t until 2006 when adidas took over as the company to only exclusively produce apparel for the NBA.

Now that adias 10 year contract with the NBA is over they don’t seem to be interested in re-signing so Nike has pushed over as the front runners to fight against Under Armour to be the official apparel sponsor for the NBA. Nike already owns the right to dress the players of the NFL  Read the details of Nike being the NBA’s offical apparel sponsor at Sports Business Daily



Source: Sports Business Daily

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