2 Nike Theft Co-Conspirators Plead Guilty

A few weeks ago we brought to your attention that rare Nike samples have been stolen for years from Nike factories by their own employees to be flipped for a huge sum. The main schemer, Kyle K. Yamaguci pleaded guilty and was put on probation with community service. By giving his co-conspirators up, he was able to reduce his sentence.

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His co-conspirators, Jason M. Keating and Tung Wing Ho were profiting a lot more than Yamaguci was. As far as punishment goes they continue to wait for their sentence. They have agreed to plead guilty and Keating has to give up his customer’s information to prosecutors. Many of the other charges have been dropped because of their plea. Prosecutors however, are going to try to pursue a penalty that puts them in jail for a year and a day to send a message to the rest of the Nike employees and prevent something like this from happening again. For those keeping track, Keating’s sentence is scheduled for September 2nd while Ho’s is scheduled for August 5th .



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