Unique Air Jordan 1 Wood Art

Wooden Nike 10

Michael Jordan began a revolution when he laced up his first signature shoe in 1984. His influence changed sneakers and paved a new road. With so many athletes following suit, today, we have sneaker communities and addicts feenin’ for the next release. Jordan would have never imagine anything like this. eBay member, uptownbuy has created a one of a kind creation in commemoration of the Jordan 1 for sale.

The seller goes back into time and into detail to explain his reasoning behind the wooden shoe. As a kid who wanted to be like Mike, this was something sentimental. From uptownbuy‘s perspective:

When Michael Jordan played his first game wearing the Air Jordan I’s on November 17, 1984 against the 76ers, I knew that I wanted those shoes. I, like most kids wanted to “Be Like Mike” and I wanted to wear what he was wearing. Unfortunately, for Jordan fans like me and my friends the shoes were not available for purchase when Michael first wore them in 1984, but they were available the following year.

Back then, I never really expressed to my parents how much I really wanted those shoes. I think one of the main reasons why I didn’t tell them is I didn’t want them try to buy them for me because they seemed to always work so hard for the little they had.

When the air Jordan I’s were available in 1985 I still never bought a pair. Why? “Life” happened and personal family issues seemed to be ever present at that time. Every day when I came home from school I had to walk a few miles to a Fast Food restaurant that I started working at, and I was also taking academic courses that took up the rest of my time when I wasn’t working.

Fast forward 30 years… Though I always wanted to, I never owned an actual pair made by Nike. So, in my mid 40’s I was able to get my hands on a signed artist rendition of the 1985 Air Jordan I basketball shoes. I believe that dreams are meant to be shared; therefore I’m making them available for someone who can appreciate them as much as I do.

The shoes are created from Butternut wood (North East origin). Approximately a men’s size 12, its dimensions are measured at 12″ long, 7.5′ tall, and 4′ wide. The item is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently on auction. There has been 12 bids raising the price to $16,500. This is definitely a unique item and a great conversation starter.

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