Nike Hyperdunk McFly | Reshoevn8r Cleans Kicks

Welcome to the first cleaning session here on Kicksologists where I demonstrate the cleaning powers of Reshoevn8r and its remarkable laundry system.  For those who need some on-screen proof that this stuff really works, I have gathered several dirty sneakers and put it to the test.


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In this first session I went ahead and cleaned up my pair of the Nike Hyperdunk McFly’s. Granted the shoe looks to be in great condition, however small dirt marks and scuffs on the heel counter were visible. Shoes that are hardly worn should be cleaned as they sit in their boxes for weeks. While cleaning, make sure you use the appropriate brush for each material to get the best results.

While using the laundry system, keep the shoes tied up and secure while it is in the laundry bag.  Sometimes the shoes could become loose during the laundry process.  Also remember to ONLY use cold water.

Let us know if you have any questions and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more upcoming cleaning sessions.  Contact me directly through my Twitter if you need immediate help.

If you were interested, you can purchase the Ultimate Cleaner here: 20% off your order with Promo code: SAVE20


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