Chris Paul Is The Topic of Envy With 1 of 1 Jordans | Celebrity Kicks

With this past week being the BET awards weekend and Paris Fashion Week we should be headlining some of those things right? Wrong! Chris Paul has been with Jordan Brand for a minute and has had many beautiful player editions, but the ones that he has been spotted with this past week takes the cake. Let’s all just say that if you’re into Jordan sneakers the Jordan 11 generally takes a top 3 spot in favorite silhouettes. What he posted flexed on Instagram is a personal pair 1 of 1 Emerald Green Jordan 11. Now he himself has tagged it as 1 of 1 so I don’t foresee these coming into fruition to the masses any time soon at all but boy do we wish that these would release.

Going back to the BET awards and Paris Fashion Week, we see plenty of celebrities out and about with fly sneakers. In Paris we got NBA star Serge Ibaka rocking Yeezys stunting out there while back here in the states BET has their annual BET Awards weekend. Here we saw a 1 of 1 Red Yeezy 350 Boost that we haven’t even seen with on Kanye but one other celebrity performs in them. Fabolous brings back classic Nike Dunks into his repertoire and Trinidad James out on the courts shattering backboards. Of course there’s plenty more photos included in this week’s segment. Who brought and rocked it best this week?

Chris Brown in Bapesta

Chris Brown casualy Baping out. Cap – Bape, Shorts – Bape, Sneakers – Bapestas. Strange that he went with a Red Wings hoodie instead of going with a Bape hoodie, which usually the more popular piece from the brand.

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