Under Armour Engages Brand Wars With Nike


photo (1).narWe all know that Oregon is ran by Nike. They began there in Beaverton and have a major influence in the state. From sponsoring activities to the University of Oregon, the Swoosh has a close relationship with the population. Earlier this year, Under Armour purchase a huge space with the intentions of setting up a West coast headquarters (originally based in Baltimore).

Willamette Week reports that Under Armour is willing to pay to renovate Lents and Duniway park, near their incoming Portland office. They already had agreements to put up advertisement in the park with the city of Portland. Nike renovated Duniway park in 1995 and there massive scoreboard alredy features a 2.5 foot Nike Swoosh. It’s even funnier to know that the scoreboard faces the Under Armour office. It looks like money will make the world go round, and Portland will negotiate with UA to see if they can grab a logo deal. As you already know, the classic slogan emphasizes “location, location, location.”

With the emergence of UA, they have already nibbled and into the basketball share behind Stephen Curry. Last summer, they almost poached and signed free agent Kevin Durant to an appetizing deal. UA isn’t afraid of Nike and they’ll do anything to prove it.

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