Air Jordan 7 Kobe PE | How Much Would You Pay?


We have some some crazy resell prices for sneakers, especially those highly coveted ones. We have seen pretty high price spikes for sneakers like any of the Yeezys, the Galaxy Foamposites, or Fragment 1’s, the list goes on. These are the sneakers that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on but what was recently sold is in a whole different class of rarity as well as pricing.


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Player exclusives and samples have their own realm and their own community. Not only can you have the money and you can’t find these types of sneakers at any consignment shop. You have to wait and be patient for sneakers like these because collectors are not so willing to just part from these gems.

TMZ has reported that a local consignment sneaker shop out in Portland Oregon, called Index PDX was able to a rare Jordan PE that was once made for Kobe Bryant. These game worn Kobe autographed kicks were sold for a whopping $25,000! It was a Jordan VII PE made for Kobe Bryant in hopes to oscillate him away from adidas and join the allegiance of the Swoosh.

Turns out that giving the perks of PEs and money to Kobe panned out well for Nike as Kobe Bryant still remains one of their biggest liaisons and most recognizable faces of the company.

Although the resale of these PEs brought in peanuts compared to what Kobe brought in for Nike, to us commoners it’s still a decent car. How much are sneakers worth to you? Would you ever shell out that much money for a pair of shoes?


Source: Complex

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