Jamal Crawford Says J Crossover 3 Not Ready Yet

Brandblack has been doing a phenomenal job with Jamal Crawford and his signature shoes. The initial J. Crossovers were quiet but solid. The J. Crossover 2 definitely made noise with performance enthusiasts. The J. Crossover 2 mids dropped in 5 general release colorways.

Most recently, a slew of lows surfaced. The J. Crossover 2 lows were unveiled and made believers out out of the fans who were iffy about the mids:

Expect two more colorways to drop in the lows too. Although the lows aren’t even out, we were excited to see if Brandblack’s third JC signature shoe was ready. Shoe tester, NyJuMpMaN23 has been putting the JC3 to use but didn’t give us a sneak peek. So we hit up Brandblack and they asked the man himself.

Crawford came back with a quote retweet and assured the fans that the shoes weren’t ready yet:

Of course, if the shoes aren’t ready then they aren’t but after the second model, fans will be anticipating the third edition. It looks like the shoes will be ready to roll when the reloaded Clippers take on the 2015-16 season.

Although Nike and Jordan Brand dominate the basketball market, Brandblack, Under Armour, and adidas have made some noise with their innovations and technology. Like the XX9, the J. Crossover 2 features a true woven upper that holds up and supports just as well. For now, we have to wait and see.

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