Raekwon X Packer Shoes X Diadora N9000 | Teaser

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Ah yes rejoice Wu Tang Clan fans, Raekwon will embark on his 20th anniversary for his “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” album. Why is that so significant? Well if you’re a hip hop head you should already know but if not, let me school you real quick. “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” can be regarded as one of the greatest hip hop albums to ever be produced. Raekwon also known as The Chef, cooked up razor sharp lyricism fully packed with heavy metaphors of the streets and served it over rugged classic boom bap beats.

There are no pictures of the actual sneaker itself yet except for an image of the tongue tag. What is confirmed is that the sneaker can already be described as a purple suede upper on the N9000 model because of the synonymous name for the album is called “The Purple Tapes.” The album went by the “Purple Tapes” because the original cassette tape was wrapped purple plastic. That was a representation of the old school drug dealers putting their stamp of approval to signify who’s stuff was who’s. In commemoration of the 20 year milestone, Raekwon, Packer Shoes and Diadora have teamed up to bring us Purple Tape N9000 sneaker.

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Source: Twitter

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