Nike Air Force 1 “Quailman” By Mache Customs

Mache does it again. This time, he uses the classic Air Force 1 Highs to bring out the hero in Doug. If you were a kid from the 90s, you would remember Nickelodeon’s popular cartoon show, Doug.

The animated show features a quirky guy who channels his comic book alter ego, “Quailman” to save the day. The Fruit of the Loom on the Swoosh represents the underwear Doug would wear over his khakhi shorts. Yeah, remember when we said he was quirky?

From his sweater vest to the leather belt on his head, the colors and theme were executed perfectly. You know a custom was done right when the insoles were customed too.

Per his Instagram, it looks like Mache has a pair with the Animaniacs in the works too. In case you need to refresh your memory, peep the video below:

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