Aaron Rodgers Joins James Harden and adidas

In case you have been living on another planet, adidas grew its facial hair and snagged James Harden from Nike. After offering an insane contract, Nike chose not to match and James Harden joined Kanye West with the Three Stripes. In case you were wondering, Harden’s kicks are supposed to debut in October.

adidas’ latest marketing campaign is backed by the slogan “Creators Never Follow.” With that, they are looking to grab leaders and big names. Aaron Rodgers is the next athlete to join the German sportswear brand. The starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers will don adidas cleats and find his face/name on apparel.

adidas continues to be proud and Mark King is confident in their signings:

“Football is the pinnacle of sports culture in U.S. and the league MVP joining adidas is monumental for our brand,” King is quoted as saying. “It’s a bold statement when the best player in the biggest sport leaves our competitor to join our team. This is just the start, as we continue to reignite our brand in America.”

Nike seems to have no issues with adidas paying high prices for the big names. The NFL is dressed by Nike and the NBA will soon follow.

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