Nike iD Adds New Feature to Shoes Already Out

Nike iD has always been a canvas for sneaker artists to create their own shoes. While they are limited to materials and colors that are available on the website, this meant each shoe was truly unique. With the shoes having to be made from practically scratch, waiting times were often more than 30 days. Now, Nike has come up with a semi-solution.

With some general release shoes that are already available, you can add a personalized text on the heel for $15 more. This creates a customized feel on a regular pair. So to recap, choose a general release shoe that’s on the website, add 11 character message to it for $15, and wait for delivery time + 1 day for these to be customized. While it changes the original concept of creating your own on Nike iD, this gives owners a chance to get a legit personalized shoe quickly. Would you do this?

Nike ID Options

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