Rastaclat Shoelace Bracelet Review

Rastaclat (Rah-Stuh-Claht) Noun: The cloth of the righteous.

When you see a Rastaclat, you see a nice shoe lace (thick and round like the Nike SB ones) braided and transformed into a bracelet. It’s actually more than a catchy colorway and decorate piece. Daniel Kasidi, the founder of Rastaclat explains that the bracelets have concepts and stories behind them.

With tons of options, Rastaclat has made picking just one a difficult task but offers something to fit everybody’s taste. We picked up a couple of pieces to inspect and review. They range in retail from $11.99 – $14.99 and make a pretty good accessory piece. Some products come with a box and some retail with a simpler cardboard case.

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The product itself is features a nice material. For the OG sneakerheads, they feel like the Nike SB laces (remember when kicks came with an attached lacebag and secondary set of colored laces?). Puffed and rounded but flat at the same time. The clasps that holds the two ends together displays the Rastaclat lion logo.

Rastaclat x @clsclife “BLACK WIDOW”

We also have a piece from Knotaclat Collection. That has evolved from the regular braid to feature a knot on the top.

Knotaclat Collection

One size will fit most. By pulling on both ends of the rope, the bracelet will tighten. For those with really small wrists, Rastaclat also offers a Miniclat Collection. While the NCAA football season is wrapping up the basketball season is just starting. They even have a NCAA Collection with some of the biggest Division 1 schools. The colors and logos let everyone know who you’re supporting.

This specific Clat feature a squared metal aglet compared to their regular round ends.
This specific Clat feature a squared metal aglet compared to their regular round ends.

For the price, the product is worth it. It’s a simple and clean ways to decorate the wrists. Head over to Rastaclat’s website to browse for something to satisfy your taste buds.

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