Mamba Monday: Kobe Bryant Roundtable 1

With Kobe Bryant riding off into retirement soon, we decided to come up with a Kobe Bryant roundtable every Monday to honor the Black Mamba until the end of the season. We’ll have different questions for the crew to answer and bring on different Kobe fans, enthusiasts, and influences as we progress.

This week we bring on Matthew Tom and Darryl Glover to give us their insights. Matthew is an avid sneakerhead from Toronto. His collection includes the autographed Achilles’ Heel from the scavenger hunt and a variety of shoes. In his spare time, he runs his own basketball league named the Dynasty Basketball League.

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Darryl is also known as Brotha_D. If you need a reference, check his Instagram and you’ll be pretty impressed. Known for his collection too, Darryl represents New Jersey and runs his own web series to highlight his collection. From new pick-ups to Mamba Mondays, Darryl has you covered.

Q1: If Nike were to have a pack 10 years from now, what two sneakers from his career would you want?

Nike Hyperdunk Snake PoolJefferson | @jefferrrson: There are many that come to mind, but two stand out for me. First one is a given, the Nike Zoom Kobe 1 PE for that 81 point game. And the second, would be no other than the Zoom Kobe 4 “Carpe Diem”.  We all know that the Kobe 4 changed the game for good and the Carpe Diem is the best representation of Kobe Bryant, in true Lakers fashion.

Darryl | @brotha_d: Two classic that feature gold, Nike Hyperdunk Snake Pool and Bruce Lee Kobe V.

Matthew | @mrmatthewtom: I would go with a Christmas day themed pack. Probably not what most others would choose. But the Kobe 4 Christmas day and the Kobe 6 Grinch would make up a good pack in my opinion!

Steven | @mrquach824: This is such a hard question but I’m going to have to answer with the ‘All-Star’ pack featuring the Nike Kobe 4 and Nike Kobe 5. Low, sleek, and simple.

Q2: You get an opportunity to meet Kobe Bryant, which shoe would you have him sign?

adidas Kobe

Jefferson | @jefferrrson: My Kobe IV “MLK’s for sure. They are my all time favorite colorway, I wore them to Staples at the game against the Sacramento Kings.

Darryl | @brotha_d: He signs the Snake Pools, no doubt! Those are my favorite Kobes of all time.

Matthew | @mrmatthewtom: Tough choice. From my personal collection I’d pick a pair of Adidas Kobe 1 PEs in the home Lakers colorway that I have. He wore these when the Lakers battled the Portland Trailblazers in the playoffs. At the time this color wasn’t released, making it that much more of a rare item.

Steven | @mrquach824: It’s tough, that choice would have to be between the Nike Kobe X HTM QS (but there’s no where to sign besides ON the Swoosh) and Nike Kobe 8 ‘Purple Gradient’ (they would look so sweet signed). All of my older Kobes are all torn up from balling.


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