Mamba Monday: Kobe Bryant Roundtable 2

Right now, the only thing to enjoy about Los Angeles Lakers basketball is when Kobe Bryant is playing well. They’re currently on a 10 game losing streak and the next 10 games don’t look much easier.

For the second edition of the Mamba Monday Roundtable, we invited renown, sneaker collectors MJO23DAN and realpromotagged to join us and to give their opinions. With amazing collections, they’re also a great follow on Twitter / Instagram.

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As a reminder the crew will consist of Kicksologist staff members, Darryl (brotha_d), Jefferson, and myself, Steven. We’ll be bringing on different members of the sneaker community to voice their input as we progress.

Q1: 1) We know the Mamba Moment is tied into the Minnesota Timberwolves game in which Kobe surprised Michael Jordan as third on the all-time scoring list, but what’s your most memorable Mamba Moment? 

MJO23DAN | @MJO23DAN: It was March 28, 2003 and Michael Jordan was playing his final regular season game as a pro at Staples Center. Knowing that this was going to be a pivotal moment in sports history, as the torch was essentially passed from MJ to Kobe, I had make this game. It was also the first and only time I ever saw MJ play live.

Staples Center was wild and it was practically a playoff atmosphere as people were excited for the second half to begin. Kobe going off on MJ was just the icing on the cake and well worth the trip.

realpromotagged | @realpromotagged

  • I knew Kobe was going to be great when he airballed those shots against the Jazz; he was a teenager, trying to hit those shots at the Delta Center in SLC. It is an unsuccessful moment, but the seeds were planted for a great career 20 seasons later.
  • Game 4 of the 2000 NBA Finals, Shaq fouled out and Kobe took over at the then, Conseco Field House. I remember the “calm down” gesture he made.
  • The game in Portland at the end of the 2004 season to clinch the Pacific with those 3s over Ruben Patterson is crazy as well.
  • For number 24 Kobe, I would have to answer with the 61 point game at Madison Square Garden.

nike kobe 9 id mamba momentJefferson | @jefferrrson: Had to be one of the most craziest performances i’ve ever seen, 2004 in Portland. Kobe took two clutch shots, one that tied the game and the one to win it. Incredible.

Darryl | @brotha_d: Kobe’s most memorable moment for me, is probably passing Jordan but IF I had to choose another, I think beating our rivals, the Boston Celtics in the 2010 Finals is definitely up there too.

Steven | @mrquach824: There’s too many but I remember exactly where I was when Kobe took Game 4 from the Suns (2006 Playoffs). Unfortunately, they lost the series. That team was horrendous but watching Kobe dominate as a one-man wrecking crew is something I’ll never forget.

Q2: Will the Kobe signature line retro?

MJO23DAN | @MJO23DAN: I think this is a no brainer. The question is, when that will happen? The success of the Prelude series really gave Nike a scope on how his line would do if it ever retroed. I hope they bring back colorways he’s worn on court and some special themed pairs as well as keeping things performance based.

realpromotagged | @realpromotagged: The 2k4 all star just retroed so thats probably a sign. When they do, Nike just has to release them in a fashion like the Prelude set, limited to keep demand up. Remember, most shoes from the Huarache 2K4 to the Kobe 3 landed in outlets.

In 2006, I was still in college and boy, am I glad I was able to afford them!  I was able to buy all the 2k4 to kobe 1 for under 50 bucks. Release the All-Star 1 and 2 PE and 81 Points and now, we are talking.

Kobe Bryant 81 pointJefferson | @jefferrrsonYes, it would be a big mistake on Nike if they didn’t. I felt like they already missed an opportunity with the 10th anniversary of the 81 point game.

Darryl | @brotha_d: The Kobe line will retro. Too great of a line not to. If adidas did, Nike will too. They’d be fools not to.

Steven | @mrquach824: I sure hope so. I’ve been waiting to get some Kobe 1s and 4s and regret not picking more kicks from the past.

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