Mamba Monday: Kobe Bryant Roundtable 3

After going through a rough stretch of basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers stopped their skid and Kobe Bryant turned back the clocks. His 38 point performance was fun to watch and the Lakers actually begun a two-game win streak (ended by the San Antonio Spurs).

For the third edition of the Mamba Monday Roundtable, we have some amazing kicksologists to join the scene. First off, realpromotagged has come back for a repeat performance and making his first appearance, Maallymall joins us. Be sure to follow these fellas on Instagram, their kicks collection will stun you.

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Without further ado, the Roundtable begins:

1) Kobe got ranked #12 in ESPN’s All-Time Player Rank, where does he land in your books?

Kobe Bryant Air Jordan

maallyMall | @maallymall: Kobe is easily in my top 5. He’s right up there with Jordan. He has the stats, accolades, and hardware to back it up. He’s done it as a fan favorite and a villain. Not many can say that.

realpromotagged | @realpromotagged: Without thinking too hard about it, he’s the second best SG of all time….but in no particular order I have Jordan, Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Duncan, Bird, Shaq, Russell, Oscar a head of him. That puts him in that 10-12 range with LeBron and Hakeem.

Jefferson | @jefferrrson: He is definitely not #12 by any means. Kobe has to be Top 8 at least. Let’s ask Michael Jordan himself, who I assume to be at number 1, I’m sure he’ll say the same thing. 12 is way too low.

Darryl | @brotha_d: I believe that he definitely belongs in the top 3-5 range, man. He’s had an amazing career. Not taking from the other guys, but Kobe has had a monster career and was extremely dominant for a long time.


2) With the All-Star break around the corner, do you plan to pick anything up from those collections?

Nike Kobe XI All-Star Game

maallyMall | @maallymall: I was looking forward to the Kyrie 2 release. I’m disappointed that Kyrie didn’t make the ASG and Nike recalled his release, but I’ll get the Kobe and Curry’s for sure. Hopefully I’ll get a few Jordan Cement 4’s and OVO 10’s.

realpromotagged | @realpromotagged: For me, I always have to add the Kobe ASG to the collection.

Jefferson | @jefferrrsonI just want the Kobe’s for sure, but I don’t plan on buying anything anytime soon. Nothing really stood out to my attention.

Darryl | @brotha_d: Yeah, I’ll more than likely pick up the ASG Kobe 11. Maybe a tee or jersey. Nothing major but definitely the shoes if nothing else.


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