Nike Kobe 11 Eulogy | Video Impression

Not sure where you were on Sunday, but the Lakers awarded the Warriors with their sixth loss of the season.   It was a great day for Lakers fans and for myself as I added these Eulogy Kobe XI’s to my collection

Since the initial photos, I already had my heart decided on the Eulogy Kobe XI.  The Hypergrape colored upper brought another dominantly purple colorway to the signature model. In previous years, the Kobe X got the Blackout, the Kobe XI in the Hypergrape ‘Moonwalkers,’ the Kobe 8 in the Purple Gradient and the list keeps going.


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First off the “8:24” on the right heel represents his whole tenure in the NBA. The Lakers are still trying to figure out which number they’ll retire, but to me, it’s clear that they should just retire both.  However if we had to choose, I would definitely go with “24”.  He was a complete player by that point and he won two consecutive rings without Shaq (finally got that pressure off his back).

When he was “Frobe” in the “8” jersey, he was a young and confident killer.  It’s a tough choice, but I got to go with “24”.  Most of the kids (the generation before all the Steph Curry fans) will remember him as “24” including me.

These are still available in stores and online for $200 USD. They dropped last Saturday, on February 27, 2016. Check out the video above and let me know what you think. Make sure to subscribe as well to our channel if you haven’t already as I’ll be posting more videos soon.

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