Paul George Named NBA 2K17 Cover Athlete

In April, 2K Sports revealed that Kobe Bryant would once again grace the covers of NBA 2K.  The last time Mamba was on a video game was in NBA 2K10 following his 5th Championship.  Since then, Kobe Bryant went through a drought of tough seasons and injuries that plagued the tail-end of his career.  Fortunately, the five-time champ declared the 2015-2016 to be his last and boy did he end his career with a bang, 60 points.  So for his last hurrah, NBA players throughout the league spent their post-games against the Lakers with Kobe in the lockers.  Throughout the season, Kobe signed many sneakers for NBA players including, Isaiah Thomas, Rudy Gay, Demar Derozan, and the new cover athlete, Paul George.

Paul George had a great come back year after his crazy injury during a 2014 USA Olympic scrimmage.  Wasn’t able to make a deep run in the Playoff’s, but he had a great season nonetheless.   YG13 averaged 23.1 points, shot 41.8%, 7 reb, and 4.1 ast.  Pretty solid numbers.  The 3-time All-Star and one of the best 2-way players in the game, Paul George will be on the standard version retailing for $59.99 for NBA 2K17.  PG is the first Indiana Pacer appearing on a video game cover.


On the cover, Paul George appears in an USA jersey which makes me wonder if 2K will include the the Olympics in it’s deep MyPlayer career mode.  Since the Olympics takes place this year, it’ll be great to see them implement the global games into the game, another first for 2K Sports.

If you are interested in the Kobe Bryant covers there are two versions.  The first is the Legendary Edition that includes many freebies and exclusive content, retailing for $79.99.  For the other Gold Edition, no information yet on what be included in that package, except that it retails for $99.99.  That’s a bit much for a game, but for many Kobe enthusiasts, this would be ideal for any collector.  And plus, when will Kobe Bryant ever be on a game cover?  Not anytime soon for sure.

NBA 2K17 will release in October, prior to the 2016-2018 season.  Keep it locked here on for more NBA 2K17 news.  If you wanted to catch a game, follow me on Twitter @jefferrrson if you want to run a game or two.  PS4 only! 


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