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Ben Simmons Signs with Nike Basketball

Ben Simmons, Just Do It.

We are one week away from the NBA Draft and sneaker companies are signing some rookies already.  This year, there are two main prospects that the world has their eyes on, Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons.  Both the Sixers and Lakers are in position to draft one of them as both organizations look to boost their current roster in the NBA.

It’s always very exciting to see which player gets signed by Nike, adidas, or Under Armour as each player offers unique abilities and marketing appeal.  adidas offered Simmons $10M at first, but then upped the anti to $17M-20M with over five years with bonuses.  Nike’s offer was $12M over five years with smaller bonuses.  With no surprise, Ben Simmons has signed with Nike making him a larger draw than Andrew Wiggins last year.  Wiggins was signed by adidas with $11M.  Nike had a commercial shoot with Foot Locker as seen above with D’Angelo Russel, Karl Anthony Towns, and Devin Booker.  You could very well be looking at the future of Nike Basketball.

Nike continues to dominate the basketball market even with adidas and Under Armour on the climb.  It’ll be interesting where Brandon Ignram will sign, but expect him to sign with a brand soon.  Perhaps he will wait until the draft is over to see which company he wants to represent, but if you ask me, he would be great with adidas.  But Nike was Duke’s main partner so who knows at this point.

Stay tuned here on Kicksologists to see all the sneaker news within the 2016 NBA Draft.  Keep it locked.

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