Kicksologists 2017 NBA Finals Prediction and Why Kevin Durant Is Key To Success

Let’s not pretend we didn’t expect this NBA trilogy.  The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers face off for the third straight year.  Whether or not you are enjoying this years Playoffs so far, the ratings are up from last year and we have ourselves a titanic matchup.

It may have taken a whole year, but we all knew this was the result of the regular season.  Kevin Durant joining the Warriors was arguably one of the most unpopular free agent decisions ever in NBA history.  Being down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, he ended up choosing the team that beat him, the Warriors.  Regardless of how you feel about it, he has now given himself the highest chance to win an NBA title.  Something he has longed for since stepping into the league ten years ago, 2007.

Now before I got any further, I would just like to say that I have been life-long Los Angeles Lakers fan since the age of seven.  It does not matter who wins to me this year.  If the Lakers aren’t in the Finals, it doesn’t bother me.  Granted, we probably won’t reach the Finals until maybe 2022.  This off-season is what I care about right now to see how my Lakers develop and see who we choose for the upcoming NBA draft, but that’s another story for another day.  I do care though because it is basketball.  A sport I love and follow with passion.  So yes, these Finals do mean something to everyone who loves it too.

Now let me get back to Mr. EasyMoneySniper, Kevin Durant.  Cal him a coward, a snake, or weak minded, he has delivered the most entertaining basketball in his career.  Being seven feet tall, a transition monster, and most importantly, efficient.  Say Durant gets a rebound, who’s going to stop him on transition?  KD has the ability to handle the ball, shoot off the bounce, and finish so easily.  Only man who got success to get back would be LeBron James, but he can only do this so many times a game.  If Kevin Love defends him, it’s a wrap.  I get it, this is all talk, but let’s take a look at some numbers.  Two things, 27.2 point average and an outstanding 56% FG clip from the field.  God-like.

But that’s just Kevin Durant though right?  Right. But that leads me to my prediction, Warriors in 6 games.

Golden State Warriors in 6 Games.

The pressure, the narrative, the main key to the 2017 Larry O’Brien trophy is the second best player in the league, Kevin Durant.  He has not been at any time in his career, “The Man” on the squad.  Regardless of what you might have felt about him on Oklahoma City, he has never been “The Guy” (shoutout to Roman Reigns).  Durant needs to grasp this moment in the Finals because all the pressure of the league is literally on his shoulders.  He was the one who called up Steph and crew to come join.  He was the one who complained about always being No. 2 throughout his basketball career.  If he loses these Finals, I guarantee you the amount of heat he’ll receive will way more than what LeBron James got when he chose to go to Miami in 2010.

Kevin Durant is playing his best basketball in his career shooting at 53.7 percent scoring 25.1 points on 16.5 attempts, 3 less attempts than he did back in OKC.  As a Laker fan, that’s unreal.  Kobe Bryant shot 46.8 percent back in the year 2000 on 18 shots.  Michael Jordan shot 53.8 percent in 1989 during the regular season.  Crazy numbers here, but Durant is doing this in our league today.  Incredible.

So that is my prediction, Warriors in six games winning in Cleveland.  I expect nothing but greatness from Stephen Curry.  He looks to have his legs back as he has been attacking off the dribble rather than babysitting that three-point arc.  Klay Thompson seems a little off this year, perhaps because he’s had less attempts due to KD, but the Playoffs is all that matters.  I believe in his game just like he brought it out last year against OKC.  Just light it up.  Lastly, you got Draymond Green.  Shooting nearly about 46 percent from three and being an elite defender.  If you’re Kevin Love, what do you do on Draymond?  Let alone, how can Love score consistently?  Sure Love has been playing his best basketball all year, but Draymond is on another level, as long as he doesn’t get suspended this time around.

The Warriors need this more than anything as this past year they have been the joke of the league with the infamous, “Down 3-1” punch line.  Only one way to erase that from history, if that, is to win this years 2017 NBA Finals.  Will they?  We’ll see.  Like I said, Golden State Warriors in six games.  Respect to the Cavaliers as I am giving them two wins, but will eventually succumb to the offensive and defensive powers of the Bay Area.

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