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Under Armour Changes Direction With The Curry 4

The 2017 NBA Finals are over and the Golden State Warriors are the new reigning champions.  Stephen Curry wins his second ring while wearing the newly designed, Under Armour Curry 4.  Debuted in Game 1 of the NBA Finals at home, many fans glorified the look of the sneaker giving it high praise.  Is this enough for Under Armour to bounce back?  Let’s dive into the history of the series and see where they go from here.

Arguably the best model yet for Mr. Unanimous, the Curry 4 sets a whole new silhouette for the series.  Many have called it a Hyperdunk 2016 look-a-like with a high knit collar and thick midsole.  The similarities might be obvious, but the Curry 4 is doing its own thing.  Built from the ground up, the Curry 4 looks to use a special type of cushioning this year.  Who knows if it is UA Charged or even Micro G makes it way back to the Curry series, but it definitely would be welcomed.

From these official photos below, the footbed looks to be lower than past models meaning only one thing, court control.  The past The Curry One and Two have all been decent models on court.  My personal favorite, the Curry One did a great job giving you a great balance of cushion, responsiveness, and court control.  It also had a great look to it as well.  The Anafoam upper felt great, but once broken in it loses a little bit a of structural integrity.  Nonetheless, the Curry one was a classic.

Following the Curry One was the the Curry Two with a full-length Charged cushion.  It no longer had the Micro G insole like the One did which was unfortunate.  Micro G is one of the best cushion systems by Under Armour.  For them not to use it as much anymore is disappointing.  The Curry Two played well and also had a great look.  Sharp lines, pronounced outrigger for stability, and it looks unique.  Its best strength was the outsole providing great traction with no slippage issues whatsoever.  It was the more polished model of the series.

After having a historic NBA season and becoming the first unanimous MVP, UA released Curry’s third signature sneaker, the Curry 3.  No other player was as hot as Curry from 2014-2016 seasons.  He single-handedly brought the Under Armour  brand to astronomic heights in terms of sales and visibility.  Steph did so well, that it may have even outsold some signature athletes on the Nike Brand (LeBron, Durant, Bryant, Irving).  It was a breath of fresh air for the NBA and the industry, but what Under Armour didn’t know was the loss it was about to take.  Just around the corner was the significant loss due to the lack of success of the Curry 3.

The Under Armour Curry 3 did horrible.  Not only was it over priced at $139.99, but because of that pricing, it failed.  Let’s be real, the Curry 3 was designed terribly following the Curry One and Two.  Personally, the design is too bulky for your average baller especially when you have other options from other brands.  Under Armour even lost a reported $60M last year due to the lack of success of the Curry 3.  A mistake that UA never wants to repeat again.  And it seems like they ahve learned their lesson as the Curry 4 looks amazing and a complete 180 in all aspects of design and execution.

Simply put, the Curry 4 has endless potential.  From a design point of view, it brings a whole new dimension to the series. From the laces going up on the collar, the clean toe box design with old school ventilation holes, the SC branding on the heel and side panels are all beautifully done.  Materials also looks great as it combines old-school nubuck/suede and the modern synthetic overlays such as fuse and Knit.

Could this be Under Armours introduction to their own Knit line?  The visible knot collar adds a new dimension to the sneaker itself providing lightweight support for the user.  With Nike and adidas leading the way, UA can advance the technology in their own way, especially in the Curry models.

Over the years, Under Armour has been consistent in providing a non-slip sneaker for Steph.  All his shoes have been on point from the traction department with no complaints about slippage.  Sure if you’re at 24 hour fitness, you’ll experience those dusty floors, but the Curry’s have been reliable.  UA wishes to continue this with Curry 4 outsole as it looks aggressive and structured to give you the best on-court experience ever.

With all that said, it is nice to see Under Armour slide back into sneaker contention.  They have had a difficult year, but with the debut of the Curry 4 in the Finals, things are looking up again.  Our advice to them is to continue to design great looking sneakers and build on the momentum Stephen Curry has right now on court.  The lackluster designs of the past is in the past.   As long as the design moving forward remains innovative and unique, As they look into the future, Under Armour is shaping to be a great company and has proved that they can hang with the big tier companies.

The Under Armour Curry 4 is expected to release in October, 2017.  No price has been confirmed, but note that the Curry 3 retailed for $139.99 USD and the more recent Curry 3ZERO (Playoffs model) retailed for $119.99 USD.  It will be interesting to see what price point Under Armour chooses for the Curry 4.  But that is another story for another day.  Let us know what you think below in the comment section.

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