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Kicks On Deck: Nike Air Max LeBron 7 Red Carpet

With LeBron James heading to his 14th off-season, I find myself searching for The King’s prized gems in his illustrious career, the Red Carpet LeBron 7.

Originally debuted on December 3, 2009, the Air Max LeBron 7 Red Carpets were LeBron’s choice of sneakers when he went against the New York Knicks.  Cleveland went on to win that night in a 100-91 victory over the Knicks as James scored 33 points to will his team.

The Red Carpet was recently revamped for the Nike LeBron 14 released a few weeks ago.  It has the same color blocking, but a new look.  For those who do not know, the Glass Blue colorway is inspired by either the More Than A Game documentary or the lavish lifestyle of LeBron James.  Whichever it is, Nike Basketball created a beautiful colorway in which I had to search years for to get my hands on my size.

It’s not that it was too hard to find, but the right moment never came around.  And when I say the “right moment” means quite a few things.  For one, I refuse to spend over retail for a sneaker.  Regardless if they are truly worth more, that’s another story.  But I would rather wait and wait to find the right price.  In this case, I found them for quite a deal, less than retail actually.  The MSRP on the LeBron 7 was $160.00 USD.  A quick search on eBay has them going for about $285 to even $600.  Average price was around $330 or so.  According to Stock X, the lowest was $350 to about $700 as the highest.  Pretty crazy stuff for about a seven year old sneaker.

Long story short, a buddy of mine had these all along.  He was getting rid of many sneakers and these LeBron 7’s just happened to be one of them.  The moment I found, I snagged them for a great deal and boom, here they are.  My favorite LeBron sneaker of all time is now in my hands in my size.  This would be my second pair as my size 10 never fit me, these are a size 9.

Check out the video below with my exclusive hands-on look at my latest pick up.  If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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