Big Baller Brand ZO2 Lakers PE

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball as the No. 2 overall pick.  For months now, the media has gone crazy over the young 19 UCLA guard along with his controversial father, Lavar Ball.  Their Big Baller Brand has quite a few items for sale, however their prices are quite expensive including their latest Lakers PE sneaker for $495.00 USD.

Upon being drafted, Lonzo Ball laced up his ZO2 Lakers colorway without hesitation.  The Big Baller Brand sneakers showcase a low-top silhouette similar to the Nike Kobe 8.  Sporting a white textured base and a midsole that looks like a Boost knock-off, the sneaker as a whole looks to be packaged well.  This Lakers theme sneaker has all the right purple and gold hits to it, but the question is if it will be NBA ready.

Sneakers like the ZO2 from BBB usually isn’t up to par with the performance the NBA demands.  Whoever produces the ZO2’s should be certified enough to compose a top-to-bottom top tier sneaker for on court play.  The last thing a consumer would want to have is to be injured during hoops because of poor testing and quality of the $500 shoe.  Can’t be a Big Baller with some broken ankles due to broken sneakers.

At this point, the traction has picked up quick for the Big Baller Brand thanks to Lonzo Ball being drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Like him or not, Lavar Ball has proven to be a great marketing act for his family.  Personally, I was not too fond him of him at first, but he has clearly shown nothing but support and love for Lonzo and his two other boys who simply strive to be the best at what they do.  Can never knock the hustle.

Shipping November 24, 2017, you can pre-order the BBB ZO’s SHO’TIME sneakers for $495.00 from sizes 8-15 in Mens.


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