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How Should Nike Approach The PG 2?

Nike gave Paul George his first sneaker last year with the PG 1.  With much success, we now have images of the next edition, the Nike PG 2.

Unfortunately, we don’t have official images of the sneaker as these are early leaks of the model.  Sources have said these may not be the PG 2, so take these photos as a grain of salt on a beach.  However, the images below showcase the Paul George logo from Nike.  Nike has decided to change a lot of aspects of the sneaker including the materials, Swoosh placements, and even removed the mid-foot strap.

The biggest change to the sneaker looks to be the non-existent strap and overall design.  One thing is certain, the low-cut profile remains mainly because Paul George prefers this style.  For years, PG13 has worn low top sneakers including the Hyperdunk Lows, Nike Zoom Run The One, Nike HyperRev, and of course the Kobe Bryant signature models.  Regardless of the cut, the sneaker does look to be disappointing if we look at the second photo below that shows the medial side.

Along the outsole, you can see the Zoom Air unit protruding similar to the PG 1.  The bottom-loaded system worked really well for the first model and hopefully these work out the same way in the PG 2.  Design for the grip has also been tweaked as it debuts a whole new pattern to decrease slippage on court.  If you look closely, there may be a Zoom unit in the heel as well towards the PG branding in the back end.  Last year, the Zoom only remained in the forefoot so this would be great news for hoopers alike.

What made the Nike PG 1 a great sneaker was the unique platform it had for the player.  It gave a new breath of fresh air to the Nike Basketball family with a strap on the mid-foot of the sneaker providing lockdown on court.  Not sure why they removed it as it was the best thing on the first sneaker.  Personally, I think it is too early to advance that part of the design.  If it works and if it looks great, why change it?  Especially at this early stage of his signature career with Swoosh.

If you take a look at the Kobe Bryant line with lead designer Eric Avar, the changes each season was minimal.  Many Mamba enthusiasts wanted change, which they got with the Kobe 9 Elite, but for the most part it remained untouched.  Settle adjustments to the design was made to keep it linear and accustomed to innovation provided by Kobe Bryant and crew.  Kobe made that line special as Nike incorporated their latest technologies to his line.  I believe Paul George can take his place despite the Kobe line continuing.

How should Nike approach the PG 2?

Nike should put Paul George right up there with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and the King LeBron James in terms of priority.  The PG 1 and KD 9 seem to be the most successful sneakers from Nike according to the sales at my local shop.  Nike absolutely needs to capitalize on their momentum from the Nike PG 1.  Given the $110.00 USD price tag and awesome design, the PG 2 needs to continue that spark towards his upcoming season in Oklahoma City.

The Nike PG 2 has not release date at the moment as it just released this past March, 2017.  Expect a price increase to about $120.00 USD next season.  Stay tuned for our continued coverage on Paul George as he locks in for the upcoming season as a Thunder player for Oklahoma City.

*Updated 7/19/17*

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