Reshoevn8r Laundry System Product Review

With a full market of sneaker cleaners in our world today, Reshoevn8r is the most effective yet.  Accompanied with a full laundry system, Reshoevn8r is an impressive product and a must-have for sneaker enthusiast or if you simply want an instant cleaner with the best results.

If you hate having dirty sneakers and just about tired of looking around online, in-stores, or done enough research with no effective results, no further than this product, Reshoevn8r.

We received this product years ago and never got around on doing a review.  Since then, I have cleaned about 40-50 pairs of sneakers using their cleaning solution.  Most of the shoes were of my own, but I have also cleaned pairs from family members and friends.  I even ask a couple buddies of mine to get their shoes dirty as possible including a pair of busted Black and White Nike Roshes to test.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo to show, but I do have these Vans below.  I only used the cleaning solution along with a combination of brushes that came along with the Laundry System bundle.  I did not put these in the laundry.

So how does the Laundry System work?  What sounds to be a complicated process is actually fairly easy. But before you put them in, you got to give them a quick cleaning first.

Grab yourself a bowl of warm water then add a good amount of Reshoevn8r solution into it.  Grab your brush of choice depending on the material, dip the brush in solution, and lightly brush the sneaker as I do in the video.  Once you see suds appear, great!  That means it’s working.  If it gets dirty, make sure you clean the brush thoroughly during the process.  Also, make sure you have a microfiber cloth handy as well.  Using this will help keep the dirt off the sneaker and have your cleaning station dry as well.

Once you have cleaned them thoroughly, remove the laces, insert the adjustable shoe trees inside each sneaker, insert them in the unique Reshoevn8r laundry bag, and secure them by tightening the strings.  Once secured in place as instructed, you set your washing machine a light wash with cold water, and that’s it! After about 20-3o minutes, remove the sneakers out of the laundry bag and let shoes air dry.  Never put your sneakers out directly in the sun to dry.

Don’t be afraid of putting your shoes in the laundry.  I get asked this a lot, and I tell everyone that with my experience with Reshoevn8r, all my shoes have not been damaged in any way shape or form.  Sometimes the sneaker would fall out of the laundry bag so you have to secure the sneaker tight.

Probably the number one request that I get is an all-white pair of Ultra Boost.  Thankfully, I got a pair myself and I have yet to make a video of me cleaning them.  I’ll have one up very soon, but until then, take a look at one of my early results using the Laundry System.


Before (left) – After (right)

Do keep in mind when cleaning Ultra Boost sneakers or any sneaker that has Knit, mesh, or other delicate materials, to be mindful of your brushes.  Some brushes may be more harsher than others so be careful.  Primeknit materials on the Ultra Boost does fizz when you brush it.  If you don’t like it fizzing out and want to avoid to mess up the material, you can just put some solution on your finger and lightly scrub the upper.  Leave the rest of the cleaning to the laundry machine.  You’ll be happy with the results.

In conclusion, Reshoevn8r is by far the best cleaner out there.  The solution itself is potent allowing fast and easy results.  There isn’t a friendly smell to it as it is odorless, but if you want great results, you’re good to go.  Whether its your pair of Jordan Retros, your latest hoop rotation, or just your everyday beaters, Reshoevn8r can take care of it.  I truly can’t ask for nothing more than the effectiveness of this product.

If I had to change a few things, would be the quality of the laundry bag as the strings could become detached during the laundry process.  This has happened to one of my laundry bags, but it was an easy fix.  I went ahead and used rubber bands to secure the bag and sneakers in place.

Overall, the Reshoenv8r Laundry System is impressive and works wonders for any shoe for your collection except the colored suedes and nubuck.  Other than that, don’t hesitate on putting your shoes in the laundry.

Check out more of the results below with some Concords and a collection of sneakers I have cleaned in a span of a couple hours.  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well once you finish watching the video.  We also added the Hyperdunk Cleaning Session video below as well.   If you have any questions, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram at @jefferrrson.

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